Our unit is one of the largest research groups dedicated to obesity prevention research in Australia.

In the past decade we have expanded to include researchers across multiple disciplines, including nutrition and dietetics, epidemiology, political science and health economics. We have research teams working across the world to help advance the science of obesity prevention.

Our team

The GLOBE is led by Professor Steven Allender, Professor Boyd Swinburn, Professor Marj Moodie, Professor Colin Bell and Professor Anna Peeters. The team consists of academic researchers and students along with a broad range of external partners.

GLOBE represents a large team that is committed to identifying, promoting and implementing obesity prevention and wellness strategies as a global, national and regional partner.


Professor Steven Allender

Professor Anna Peeters

Alfred Deakin Professor Boyd Swinburn

Professor Colin Bell

Alfred Deakin Professor Marj Moodie

Research Leadership Group

Jaithri Ananthapavan

Dr Kathryn Backholer

Dr Kristy Bolton

Dr Adrian Cameron

Dr Melanie Nichols

Dr Claudia Strugnell

A/Prof Gary Sacks


Research Staff

Rebecca Bennett

Miranda Blake

Andrew Brown

Dr Victoria Brown

Nic Crooks

Penny Fraser

Dr Lan Gao

Emma Gearon

Dr Joshua Hayward

Oliver Huse

Ha Le

Dr Jennifer Marks

Josie Marshall

Saraya Morton

Winsfred Ngan

Pam Nguyen

Devorah Riesenberg

Ella Robinson

Tom Steele

Jill Whelan


HDR Students

Laura Alston

Tara Boelsen-Robinson

Alexandra Chung

Brydie Clarke

Tiana Felmingham

Jane Jacobs

Anita Lal

Jaimie McGlashan

Bridget Morrissey

Cindy Needham

Erica Reeve

Christina Zorbas